Introductory Kiteboarding Lesson

Have you ever wanted to try kiteboarding, but your not 100% sure that it’s for you? Well then a introductory kiteboarding lessons at a discounted price is just what you need.

Blade Kiteboarding Cape Town, in association with Kiting Buddies, is offering a introductory kiteboarding lesson deal through Groupon.

It’s a beach based lesson that gives you an insight into what kiteboarding (also referred to as kitesurfing) is about. It will help you to learn the basics and to understand a bit more about this amzing sport.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Assessment of the kite spot and the conditions.
  • Setting up and piloting of a trainer kite.
  • Understanding and exploring of the wind window and power zone.
  • Walking and changing direction with a trainer kite.
  • Launching and landing a trainer kite with the help of an assistant.
  • Understand and use of international communication signals.
  • Set up of a four-line inflatable kite.
  • Learning how to connect yourself to the kite and the use of all safety systems.


Introductory Kiteboard Lesson with Blade Kites and Kiting Buddies

You can choose to learn privately (one-on-one) or learn with a friend or family member in a group of two.

All gear is provided and the lessons will take place on the beaches of Blouberg or Melkbos depending on the weather conditions. All that you would need to bring along are sunglasses, a warm jacket and some sunscreen.

R389 for a private lesson and R789 for a group lesson of two people.

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Please note that Groupon is unfortunately not offering any more deals as of the 4th of November 2016. If you have purchased a Introductory Kitesurf lesson then your voucher will still be valid.